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The Tip plans trip to Europe in 2019

From Teenage Head Music:

How about a good shot of rock and roll adrenaline combined with a fair amount of testosterone?
Ladies & Gentlemen, we have the pleasure to present youThe Tip!
Fans of The Darkness, The Stones, Aerosmith, AC/DC and consorts - excuse us for the name dropping, but we felt obliged - here's a band that will wet your appetite in a split second.
Hailing from Nashville, The Tip is a band going throughlife with a "what you see is what you get attitude" and that's an attitude we dig at the THM offices.
More rock than glitter, more roll than glamour, more groove than confetti, The Tip is here and you better be ready for them !
Touring in Europe in March and April 2019.


The Tip opens for L.A. Guns!

The Tip will be opening for 80’s rock legends L.A. Guns on October 17 at the Basement East.

Tickets on sale now here.

About L.A. Guns:

L.A. Guns was formed in 1983 by guitar player Tracii Guns and, then unknown singer, Axl Rose on lead vocals.

   The "classic lineup" of Guns, former Girl singer Phil Lewis, drummer Steve Riley, guitar player Mick Cripps and bassist Kelly Nickels have sold 6 1/2 million records, including 1988's L.A. Guns and  1990's Cocked and Loaded, both of which were certified Gold. Cocked and Loaded contained the hit single "Ballad of Jayne" that went to #33 on Billboard's Hot 100 and #25 on the Mainstream Rock charts.

From the mid-90's to the mid 2000's, after changing lineups twice, L.A. Guns continued to tour and release new music.  

  Following their successful performance at SiriusXM's HairNation Festival in May of 2016, L.A. Guns went into the studio to record their latest album, The Missing Peace, which was released in October of 2017. LA Guns are currently in the studio recording the follow up to " The Missing Peace "

  The current lineup features founding member Tracii Guns, who has reunited with lead singer, Phil Lewis, along with Shane Fitzgibbon on drums, guitar player Johnny Monaco and bassist Johnny Martin.

The TIP announces a Southern States tour this month

Southern States May Tour - The Tip is teaming up with New York City's very own The Liza Colby Sound. 

After sharing the stage in Nashville, Philadelphia and NYC, The Tip is now joining forces with Liza Colby and her band in an effort to create the one-two knockout rock n roll double punch that will make for a truly unforgettable night. Under the patronage of NYC's Wendigo Productions, the two bands are about to embark on their first tour through the South together and are planning more tour dates in New England and the Midwest together later this summer. Don't miss this wet dream of a rock n roll orgy!

List of dates and cities can be found HERE.

The Tip - Hottest band in Nashville? - Review and Story in brand new issue of Classic Rock Germany


The Hottest Band In Nashville?

This 4-piece from Nashville comes playing the blues and rocking around the corner in wonderfully rough and dirty ways. The genre "sleaze" however only suits the gentlemen so much. "I like bands like Guns'n'Roses and a few other bands of the late-80s hair metal era. We are definitely not some spandex gimmick band” says singer and guitarist Benny Carl. Bassist Robert Bote agrees: "A lot of what was labeled Glam and Sleaze eventually became a joke."

Besides, the influences of this in 2014 founded band are not in Los Angeles as the front man explains: "We listen to Delta- and Chicago Blues as much as old Rock n Roll, 60s-Soul, Stax, Motown and many others. We're influenced by a lot of the bands that came since the 60s but we don't try to emulate one particular era or style. We are simply Rock n Roll now!" Hard to miss are influences like the Rolling Stones in songs like 'Bad Karma'. 'Whiskey & Coke' is a "tribute to Lemmy, that Dixie, Benny and I came up with during a jam", says the bassist.

With Benny and Dixie Carl there are two brothers in the band which according to R. Bote isn't a problem but "really a blessing as they're both on the same wavelength".  The singer tells us that this isn't the only way the Carls are in tune. They also share identical tattoos of "two rats shagging with the headline South in Your Mouth 2015." No tattoo of The Tip logo edged into Benny's skin so far: "Every time I got one of my past bands tattooed on me, it broke up soon after."

When it comes to the visual aspect of the band both singer and bassist agree: " It's always been important and it's part of a great rock show. People want to listen to great music but also be entertained visually. The music comes first but looks matter as long as you don't take it all too seriously. When you look all the way back to Rock'n'Roll origins, guys like Elvis and Chuck Berry looked already dapper then."

Originally the band was supposed to be called The Drip "but the name was already taken. The Tip is tongue in cheek" , says the singer with the dirty sounding pipes. "The Tip also used to be slang in the Mississippi Delta for the hottest girl in the room. It fits our blues roots."

In the States the band has opened for The Darkness and Buckcherry amongst others. Now the band wants to conquer Europe. Bote says: "Bands like Motörhead, Rival Sons or Airbourne have been building and growing their following through constant touring. We want to do the same!"

With SAILOR'S GRAVE this could very well happen. The nine songs don't beat around the bush. Short but sweet says Benny Carl, "many of the old records we like have nine to eleven songs on them. Besides, as our name suggests we want you to want more." Bassist Bote adds: "The length of the record also enabled us to press Vinyl at the best possible quality." The Tip surely makes a lot of great points.

- Martin Buchenberger


Armed with every Blues Rock card in the their sleeves....

If Aerosmith and a few stray dogs were forced into the act of love making, the resulting bastards would probably write an opener like 'Struttin'. The blues harp and the Steven Tyler like tone of the vocals, and also all the little screams and raps give the song a Toxic Twin stamp that can't be missed.  Quite cheeky and naughty how the hot heads from Nashville's The Tip present themselves here on the follow up to their debut album. These boys borrow without guilt but not without talent: 'Ain't Fakin' It' sounds at the start like an old Sweet banger.... or was it Gary Glitter? In 'Whiskey & Coke' you can hear the influence of Mr. (Lemmy) Kilmister. The closing title track on the other hand is a wonderful melancholic sailor shanty. Dirty blues-rock with pinches of sleaze creates havoc and is the foundation for catchiness that permanently gets into ones head and continually releases bursts of ecstasy. SAILOR'S GRAVE surely sounds fat, is danceable and suited to party to.  The band's apparent influences fuse together into a nicely hot and complete package. What's the expression? Oh yeah - Up-and-Coming. And that's exactly what The Tip sounds like.

- Jacqueline Flossman

January 2018 East Coast Dates!

The Tip will be starting the year with an East Coast run and a couple of Tennessee warm up shows (Lebanon, Jan 13th & Nashville, Jan 14th). Together with the amazing Liza Colby Sound, Hellings and Chuck Treece (Bad Brains), The Tip will play two nights in Philadelphia's The Barbary on Thursday the 18th and at NYC's Bowery Electric for Liza Colby's album release show on Friday the 19th. Saturday the 20th will see the boys return to Norton, West Virginia's infamous DIY venue The Rim and on Sunday the 21st the boys will tear it up at the 'Down South Showdown' in Atlanta at The Earl

Cruisin' with Kid Rock!

Set the sails! April 10-14th 2018, The Tip will be rocking the Chillin' The Most, Kid Rock Cruise. Hand picked by the man himself, The Tip will join a line-up that includes fellow Music City legends and staples like John Stone & Tim Watson and many more!

Hashtag: #KidRockCruise


Sailor's Grave to be released in Germany on September 29!

The Tip – Nashville‘s most sinful export from ‘Rock N Roll Heaven‘

Sleazy, bluesy, greasy – The American epicentre of music shows its balls again! Let us introduce you to The Tip from Nashville. Long nights, hot licks and the unbridled energy of the four pack are what wet rock’n’roll dreams are made of!

And the band does not only to the full extent live these dreams during their live show. They also share them with everyone via their music videos like the new one for 'Rock N Roll Heaven.'

Since The Tip came into the world in 2014, frontman Benny Carl, drummer Dixie Carl, guitarist Ricky Dover Jr. and bassist Robby Bote, who joined in 2015, live on the fast lane. Hungry and craving for relentless high energy Rock n’ Roll binges, the guys locked themselves up for several days and nights until they had their first EP “Killing It Wasted” recorded. Some concerts later, the self-titled debut came out in summer 2015, followed by live sieges of the West Coast, the East Coast and of the Mid-West of the United States.

This tough attitude paired with their explosive brew of blues-injected and dirty sleaze rock sounds soon brought The Tip the needed attention to not just be invited to Rocklahoma Festival two times in a row, but also to kick asses as the agitator for rock legends such as Buckcherry, The Darkness, Sebastian Bach, The Last Vegas or Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime.

Their second manifest “Sailor’s Grave” is available in the U.S. since August 2016 and will be released in Germany via SAOL on September 29th. The Tip are now off to overrun the German market with addictive songs like  “Rock N Roll Heaven”, “Can You Smell The Money” or “Get The Fuck Out”. One of their incredibly catchy refrains puts it straight: "What you see, is what you get. No we ain't fakin' it!"


Denver touched by the tip

When you mix electric blues with a splash of glam and a hard punch in the face of classic rock & roll, one may believe you’ve been transported to 1970’s The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Guns N’ Roses. When, in fact, if you fast-forward to the year 2017, you will be met with The Tip.

By Veronica Lee

The Tip, a heavy hitting band out of Nashville, delivered a high energy quintessential rock show in Denver’s  Herman’s Hideaway Friday night. Benny Carl, Dixie Carl, Myles Baker and Robby Bote hit the stage with immense energy and a tight and polished reminder of the good old days of ripe drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Touring their latest release, Sailors Grave, these self-proclaimed sleazy, greasy, bluesy rock n rollers were spot on and put it all out there on stage.

They opened the show with the hit Welcome to the Night, and swept up the crowd with their infectious energy and classic 70’s aesthetic. With big hair, big guitar solos, heavy harmonica and massive dancability, songs like Rock ‘N Roll Heaven and Struttin’ are indicators that The Tip is just experiencing the beginning of this genre resurgence. By the end of the night, Benny Carl, lead singer and guitarist, was on the shoulders of a fan while shredding his way to the bar for a shot of Jack.

The Tip will be rocking faces off of back home in Nashville next week and prepping for the next half of 2017 so be sure to check out their schedules, they are absolutely a must see this year.

The TIP makes final round of Sweden Rock Festival competition

The Tip would like to thank all their fans for voting them into the final round in the Sweden Rock Festival 2017 Band Competition. From over 900 bands, only 25 are left in the final round and the 3 bands with the most votes will get a spot in the festival line-up. The four day festival takes place in June and includes acts like Aerosmtih and The Scorpions.


2017 is shaping up nicely for The TIP

The TIP wrapped up 2016 with the release of their latest album, "Sailor's Grave" on vinyl (available here). Barely a month into the new year and the guys have been busy booking tour dates through out the US including a stop at Rocklahoma 2017. This will be the second year in the row The TIP has graced the stage at this prestigious rock festival. With talks to hop the pond and play a few dates in Europe on the list, 2017 is looking to be The TIP's biggest year yet!

The Tip "Top" of the Hill

Right now a rock n roll resurgence is happening.  Bands here in America are kicking ass and taking names. BitersThe CryWyldlifeDr. BoogieGene the WerewolfElectric Black Horse and others are forging a rock n roll scene full of incredible talent.  Another of those bands is Nashville’s The Tip.  The Tip recently played gigs in Vienna and Norton, West Virginia.  Both shows were stellar and showcased just how great The Tip are and how stacked the music scene is as they were supported by two other bands hot on the trail.

The first show at RadioActive in Vienna saw Columbus, Ohio’s Roxy Mae kick the night off with a great set featuring Dressed In Black, I Dare Ya, Life In the City and Drinkin Smokin Livin Luvin, as well as many other crowd favorites.  Guitarist/singer Matt Starr Bores, bassist/singer Spider Lane and drummer/singer Heidi Helser keep showcasing an amazing ability to craft some of the coolest hooks out today.

The Tip‘s headlining set kicked off with Welcome to the Night and did not let down for a moment as front man Benny Carl will not be denied.  The set also featured Rock N Roll Heaven from their upcoming release. Carl is backed by a trio a badass musicians, guitarist Ricky Dover Jr, bassist Robby Bote and drummer Dixie Carl. As a unit they stand shoulder to shoulder with any band out there today.  The band features four distinct personalities, giving fans what they want.  You want to see the man’s man, check.  The ultra cool guy laying down the bass lines, check.  The guitarist mesmerizing the attendees, check. The crazy as hell drummer, check.  If you do, you’ll love The Tip.

Night two took place at private rock club The Rim in Norton.  This show was also top notch as Charlotte, North Carolina’s Pröwess kicked off their current tour by opening the night.  The band ran through No Survivors, Shaker, Show Me, Overboard and other crowd favorites. They also previewed their single Killing a Giant, which released on iTunes on June 21st.  Vocalist Dalton Bowes, guitarists Scott Roby and Kip Anthony Wilson, bassist Kenneth Keelerand drummer Adam Ellis have progressed enormously in just over three months and will be on the road spreading their rock in a town near you soon.  Pröwess‘ ep is near complete and features a killer set of tunes.

Seeing The Tip two nights proved that you will not see a let down or running through the motions gig from them.  Tearing through over an hour of material, the set was a showcase of pure talent, entertainment and energy!  From Welcome to the Night to closer Last Joint and everything in between, the crowd was begging for more.  As a fan, seeing a band hit uncharted area and hearing the audience singing along word for word is so exhilarating!  I cannot stress enough how great The Tip are live and if given any opportunity, you must get out to see them!  You’re guaranteed to be entertained and the wait for new material should be a short one as their new album, Sailor’s Grave, in nearly complete.

- Brads
Amplified Edge

Out of Nashville and On the Road

When I see a band I’ve never heard of and they turn out to be really good, I immediately begin to seek opportunities to see them again. I’ll go to great lengths to track down all the details. I was fortunate to have seen The Tip in their natural habitat, Nashville, Tennessee, this past April. After the last note of their set, I was shaking my head and making mental notes to learn more. Learn more I did because The Tip just concluded their East Coast tour and I was fortunate to see them in Vienna, West Virginia, at the RadioActive Bar and Concert Venue on June 17.

You know those signs? Caution? Warning? The Tip needs one of those signs permanently smacked onto drummer Dixie Carl’s bass drum. Fronted by Benny Carl, Rickey Dover Jr. on guitar, Robby Bote on bass, and Dixie Carl on drums, these four have been soaked in raw, untamed, fervor. Benny Carl is the kind of front man that has the charisma of a wild animal that has just broken its leash. He makes the fret board his slave and has the vocal diversity to prove that he will not be defined by any one sound.

Smoldering? You bet. Passionate? Absolutely. Benny could sing the alphabet and you’d still have to wipe the sweat from the back of your neck. Fortunately, there is not a weak link to be found within The Tip. Rickey Dover Jr. is a stylistic guitar player whose technique puts me in mind of that of Joe Perry or Keith Richards combined with being a near reincarnation of Peter Frampton circa 1975.

He is smooth and well articulated on those six strings. As for bass players, they are often under-rated which is irritating to me. Don’t let the bass player slip through the cracks because you will miss the ones like Robby Bote who is on point and ever consistent. Robby isn’t the bottom notes of the chord; he’s the soul of the sound. He will subtly suck you in with heavy, heated rhythm that’s complimentary to the nitty-gritty and wonderfully filthy rock that The Tip delivers.

I’m a firm believer that the drummer is the heart of every band. Dixie Carl strikes the skins as if they’ve been nasty and they need to be punished. His use of cymbals is loud, rough around the edges, and reminiscent of that heavy, glam sound. He’s in the moment, alive and vicious. My only wish was for Dixie to have thrown in a drum solo so I could really see that power rage.

If you are in the Nashville area, you’re lucky because that’s your best chance to catch The Tip live. If presented with the opportunity to see them, go. Change your plans or cancel plans; just make plans to go. Tough, tempting, and talented are the words I’ll leave you with in which to describe The Tip. There are so many bands out there to see on any given night in most decent sized towns. I am not one of those fortunate people to live in a decent sized town to catch any of those great bands. One thing’s for sure. I’m awfully glad The Tip was in.

Writer: Amanda Knight
Music Matters Magazine

NEW album coming this Spring!

Straight off of a 26 day cross country tour that took The TIP to the West Coast for the first time, the boys have jumped right back into the studio to record their next album. Due to be released this Spring, The TIP got the chance to record some of the new material at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville. 

In support of the record release The TIP will once again be hitting the road for a string of dates including a stop at Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK.

Check back for updates and be sure to follow The TIP on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information!

The Music Manual - UK Music Blog

NASHVILLE quartet, The Tip produce a hefty blues style of Glam Rock, modelling themselves on greats such as The Rolling Stones and Kiss.

Starting out over two years ago, the four have toured the US East Coast with Hollywood's Hammered Satin, whilst releasing a four-track EP and becoming the recipients of two awards both for 'Best New Artist of 2014' from IndieVille TV and New Deli Nashville.

Releasing their debut, self-titled album this Summer solidified a place on the independent rock scene of America.

An album of sheer bliss, each track rolls with harmonicas and bottomless beats.

Front-man, Benny Carl uses a raw vocalism similar to that of Rod Stewart and Paul Stanley to roar a gutsy lyricism shown clearly in track All I Need. Mixing filthy chords from Ricky Dover, Jr. and kooky keys to open up the tasty world of an old school 'Rock Star' lifestyle, All I Need has the power to single-handedly revive a seemingly declining interest in the genre.

There's a sense of not taking things too seriously, messing around but providing an excellent soundtrack to abuse the system through the use of audacious riffs and IDGAF lyrics.

Other tracks such as More, More, More and Welcome To The Night are hefty offerings, paying homage to ACDC with a mouth-watering bass line from Drew Uldrich whilst Rock n' Roll Man has ties with Bowie's The Jean Genie and the whole back-catalogue of T.Rex, abusing  Dixie Carl's pacing drums, tantamount to the big-roller sound oozing from the album.

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