The Tip

Rock N' Roll from Nashville Tennessee


The Tip united as a chain gang of Nashville's best Rock N Roll bands. This supergroup joined forces in the fall of 2013 and haven't looked back since. 

Faster, harder, louder, and tighter than anyone who has crossed their path, The Tip is on a mission to bring their music to the masses.

The band draws attention by simply stepping into a room, turning heads of curiosity as to what this dynamic cast of characters is up to. Late nights, hot licks and boundless energy are exactly what The Tip is made of. 

Rock N Roll hasn't gone exists in the songs, the style, and the lives of The Tip. 

2014 was a tremendous year with The Tip touring with Hammered Satin and opening shows for the likes of Sebastian Bach. Now in 2015 it is time to take the next's time to make a record.

Stepping on board to produce this rock n roll whirlwind are Chris Lohr(Frank Foster) and Scotty Schultz(Shooter Jennings). These two have worked together on a number of projects and strive to make records that represent an artist at their very best. Recording at Nashtray Studios is ready to commence, please come along for the ride with us.

With all that being said, recording is not a cheap endeavor. We are coming to you, the fans, to help us achieve that goal. Our aim is $10,000...that may seem hefty but consider all the working parts. Studio time, engineer, producer, mixing, mastering, artwork, duplication, and promotion all have to be done in a proper way. We also want to release this project on a special pressing of vinyl for our backers in this journey. This will add to our duplication cost but we see it as a special reward for helping us out.

Please check out all the perks offered and we truly appreciate each and every one of you who helps our cause. Should we not reach our goal, we will put every cent that we have raised into finding a way to get the music out. 

If you aren't able to contribute financially we fully understand and hope to see you at a show sometime soon. We do ask that you share this page on any of your social media accounts or pass along this link to anyone that may be interested in contributing.  Help us promote this fundraising campaign and lets make a record together.

Thanks again and long live Rock n Roll!!!

Here is what we have already been up to in The Nashtray. Enjoy.

 Killin' It! Wasted!
-The Tip

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