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Right now a rock n roll resurgence is happening.  Bands here in America are kicking ass and taking names. BitersThe CryWyldlifeDr. BoogieGene the WerewolfElectric Black Horse and others are forging a rock n roll scene full of incredible talent.  Another of those bands is Nashville’s The Tip.  The Tip recently played gigs in Vienna and Norton, West Virginia.  Both shows were stellar and showcased just how great The Tip are and how stacked the music scene is as they were supported by two other bands hot on the trail.

The first show at RadioActive in Vienna saw Columbus, Ohio’s Roxy Mae kick the night off with a great set featuring Dressed In Black, I Dare Ya, Life In the City and Drinkin Smokin Livin Luvin, as well as many other crowd favorites.  Guitarist/singer Matt Starr Bores, bassist/singer Spider Lane and drummer/singer Heidi Helser keep showcasing an amazing ability to craft some of the coolest hooks out today.

The Tip‘s headlining set kicked off with Welcome to the Night and did not let down for a moment as front man Benny Carl will not be denied.  The set also featured Rock N Roll Heaven from their upcoming release. Carl is backed by a trio a badass musicians, guitarist Ricky Dover Jr, bassist Robby Bote and drummer Dixie Carl. As a unit they stand shoulder to shoulder with any band out there today.  The band features four distinct personalities, giving fans what they want.  You want to see the man’s man, check.  The ultra cool guy laying down the bass lines, check.  The guitarist mesmerizing the attendees, check. The crazy as hell drummer, check.  If you do, you’ll love The Tip.

Night two took place at private rock club The Rim in Norton.  This show was also top notch as Charlotte, North Carolina’s Pröwess kicked off their current tour by opening the night.  The band ran through No Survivors, Shaker, Show Me, Overboard and other crowd favorites. They also previewed their single Killing a Giant, which released on iTunes on June 21st.  Vocalist Dalton Bowes, guitarists Scott Roby and Kip Anthony Wilson, bassist Kenneth Keelerand drummer Adam Ellis have progressed enormously in just over three months and will be on the road spreading their rock in a town near you soon.  Pröwess‘ ep is near complete and features a killer set of tunes.

Seeing The Tip two nights proved that you will not see a let down or running through the motions gig from them.  Tearing through over an hour of material, the set was a showcase of pure talent, entertainment and energy!  From Welcome to the Night to closer Last Joint and everything in between, the crowd was begging for more.  As a fan, seeing a band hit uncharted area and hearing the audience singing along word for word is so exhilarating!  I cannot stress enough how great The Tip are live and if given any opportunity, you must get out to see them!  You’re guaranteed to be entertained and the wait for new material should be a short one as their new album, Sailor’s Grave, in nearly complete.

- Brads
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