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Classic Rock Magazine (Germany)


The Hottest Band In Nashville?

This 4-piece from Nashville comes playing the blues and rocking around the corner in wonderfully rough and dirty ways. The genre "sleaze" however only suits the gentlemen so much. "I like bands like Guns'n'Roses and a few other bands of the late-80s hair metal era. We are definitely not some spandex gimmick band” says singer and guitarist Benny Carl. Bassist Robert Bote agrees: "A lot of what was labeled Glam and Sleaze eventually became a joke."

Besides, the influences of this in 2014 founded band are not in Los Angeles as the front man explains: "We listen to Delta- and Chicago Blues as much as old Rock n Roll, 60s-Soul, Stax, Motown and many others. We're influenced by a lot of the bands that came since the 60s but we don't try to emulate one particular era or style. We are simply Rock n Roll now!" Hard to miss are influences like the Rolling Stones in songs like 'Bad Karma'. 'Whiskey & Coke' is a "tribute to Lemmy, that Dixie, Benny and I came up with during a jam", says the bassist.

With Benny and Dixie Carl there are two brothers in the band which according to R. Bote isn't a problem but "really a blessing as they're both on the same wavelength".  The singer tells us that this isn't the only way the Carls are in tune. They also share identical tattoos of "two rats shagging with the headline South in Your Mouth 2015." No tattoo of The Tip logo edged into Benny's skin so far: "Every time I got one of my past bands tattooed on me, it broke up soon after."

When it comes to the visual aspect of the band both singer and bassist agree: " It's always been important and it's part of a great rock show. People want to listen to great music but also be entertained visually. The music comes first but looks matter as long as you don't take it all too seriously. When you look all the way back to Rock'n'Roll origins, guys like Elvis and Chuck Berry looked already dapper then."

Originally the band was supposed to be called The Drip "but the name was already taken. The Tip is tongue in cheek" , says the singer with the dirty sounding pipes. "The Tip also used to be slang in the Mississippi Delta for the hottest girl in the room. It fits our blues roots."

In the States the band has opened for The Darkness and Buckcherry amongst others. Now the band wants to conquer Europe. Bote says: "Bands like Motörhead, Rival Sons or Airbourne have been building and growing their following through constant touring. We want to do the same!"

With SAILOR'S GRAVE this could very well happen. The nine songs don't beat around the bush. Short but sweet says Benny Carl, "many of the old records we like have nine to eleven songs on them. Besides, as our name suggests we want you to want more." Bassist Bote adds: "The length of the record also enabled us to press Vinyl at the best possible quality." The Tip surely makes a lot of great points.

- Martin Buchenberger


Armed with every Blues Rock card in the their sleeves....

If Aerosmith and a few stray dogs were forced into the act of love making, the resulting bastards would probably write an opener like 'Struttin'. The blues harp and the Steven Tyler like tone of the vocals, and also all the little screams and raps give the song a Toxic Twin stamp that can't be missed.  Quite cheeky and naughty how the hot heads from Nashville's The Tip present themselves here on the follow up to their debut album. These boys borrow without guilt but not without talent: 'Ain't Fakin' It' sounds at the start like an old Sweet banger.... or was it Gary Glitter? In 'Whiskey & Coke' you can hear the influence of Mr. (Lemmy) Kilmister. The closing title track on the other hand is a wonderful melancholic sailor shanty. Dirty blues-rock with pinches of sleaze creates havoc and is the foundation for catchiness that permanently gets into ones head and continually releases bursts of ecstasy. SAILOR'S GRAVE surely sounds fat, is danceable and suited to party to.  The band's apparent influences fuse together into a nicely hot and complete package. What's the expression? Oh yeah - Up-and-Coming. And that's exactly what The Tip sounds like.

- Jacqueline Flossman

Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"We love it here at the Underground when we stumble upon a band so good that they stop us in our tracks and make us drop everything. That band is The Tip, a bunch of ragamuffins who are about to put the classic back into rock once again. Their self-titled debut slipped out in 2015 and saw the hitting the road in support of its hard rockin' grooves, marking these boys down as ones to watch. On the first listen it's like you've been transported back to 77' and you're listening to a youthful Aerosmith in their prime - yeah, that good. On their sophomore album, 'Sailor's Grave' they've refined their sound slightly, given it a bit of polish and those Aerosmith vibes have been joined by a hint of the Stones for good measure. The likes of the immense title track and 'Bad Karma', with its 'Sympathy For The Devil' air, are some of the best dirty rock'n'roll you are going to hear this year. They are one of the finest bands to emerge from the States in years, so don't let them slip away as they need your support. I'm watching, so don't let me down!" - Rob Evans (Powerplay Magazine UK, November 2017)

Inhard (Germany)


The Tip - Sailor's Grave

4/5 stars

Translated from German:

From Nashville hails a four-piece called "The Tip" which on its new album "Sailor's Grave" serves up a thrilling combination of Sleaze and Blues Rock. This hammer hard mix has led the band around Benny Carl (voc,. guitar), Ricky Dover Jr. (guitar), Robert Bote (bass) and Dixie Carl (drums) to two appearances at the Rocklahoma Festival and stage sweeping opening sets for bands like Buckcherry, Sebastian Bach and Geoff Tate's Operation. Highly recommended! - David Comtesse

Rock It! (Germany)

ROCK IT! - NOV 2017

7/10 stars

Translated from German:

The in 2014 founded Nashville four-piece has soaked in the early albums of Boston's Aerosmith and The Black Crowes. Their dirty, fart dry and energy loaded Rock builds on the blues and creates enough entertainment to bring every party's temperature up to boil. The second studio album "Sailor's Grave" is full of dirty blues vibes, soulful background vocals, crashing guitars and cool harp licks. The opener 'Struttin' is so close to the original that one could think Steven Tyler & Co. wrote it themselves. 'Bad Karma' , 'Get The Fuck Out' or 'Ain't Fakin' It'  have such a great groove that they will pull your feet to the dance floor. Surely all this isn't anything new, but the four-piece makes up for innovation with passion and audible fun that carries over to the listener. Party on! - Marc Shipper

Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany)



Translated from German:

Instead of toys, the find in this band's attic must have been an old box with Aerosmith records. The four-piece from Nashville continues to pay homage to the Blues and Rock'n'Roll - not too dissimilar to Faster Pussycat's debut. Certainly recommended. (5/7point)

Legacy Magazine (Germany)


THE TIP "Sailor's Grave"       (SAOL/H'ART)

Genre: Classic/Blues Rock

Translated from German:

            Despite an ongoing euphoric touring presence, it is safe to say that the time for good byes for Steven Tyler and Co. is in the not too distant future. This is a chance that the gentlemen from The Tip could use to their advantage. All in all the band feels like a snottier version of the classic Aerosmith sound and with 'Sailor's Grave' it has some similarly extraordinary material as the The Darkness during the time of their debut. Whether it's a fast, almost punk like piece such as 'Whiskey and Coke', wonderful blues-rockers like 'Corner Bag Blues' and 'Struttin' or the finest retro-affairs such as 'Rock n Roll Heaven' and 'Bad Karma', one thing is certain: today within all things Classic Rock no one can fool this band, which is centered around strong-voiced and Tyler-sound-alike Benny Carl. The result of the energy and sing-alongs (reminiscent of Turbonegro and Gluecifer during the debut-era) and the authentically sounding 70s stamp on their music combine for a feeling of great euphoria. THE TIP is the next real big thing and is guaranteed to be spreading its word from some big stages in the very near future!  -(BB) 13/15 points 

Rock Hard Magazine (Germany)


The Tip - Sailor's Grave           SAOL/H'Art (36:02)

Translated from German:

            It seems that Nashville is slowly becoming the new L.A.  After the Country-boom of the past years, more and more really good dirty and snotty rock bands seem to be coming out of the state of Tennessee. The Tip is a four piece that could be categorized as something between Kid Rock and Aerosmith, had they been jamming together secretly on English soil. The second album has been available for purchase in the U.S. since last year. Why it is only being released here now is hard to understand given how much fun these 9 songs are. The Tip is something like the American blues-version of Airborne. Amongst other bands, The Tip has opened for Buckcherry and The Darkness, which must have been a wonderful fit. Hopefully coming soon to Germany! -Jörg Staude

Heavy-Metal (Germany)

Second album from the Sleaze-Blues Rockers soon also available here...

.... and all the glitter boys and girls should go get a copy! The four piece's video clips have already been the dirtiest type of in-your-face Sleaze rock. One year after their home U.S. release, these skinny lads are set to start pulling fans here as well! Far, far away from tiger spandex and Botox butts music (I call it Steel Panther), The Tip riff raffs its way through a mix of the Quireboys, The Black Crowes and Buckcherry greatness.

But: The Tip has its very own "stank" which is delivered by the pipes of Benny Carl in snotty blues-rock numbers like 'Struttin' or 'Corner Bag Blues'.  The decent maritime title track 'Sailor's Grave' opens up the band's stylistic variety even further. This is hand made, loud Rock music, celebrated in a way the Ramones, Rose Tattoo and biker bands like Circus of Power used to. Other than the all-around vintage weapon Rival Sons this music exists so rarely.

Via Heavy-Metal

MetalGlory (Germany)

The Tip (USA) - Sailor's Grave

In times when bands dedicate and open themselves to sounds of past decades, it can be difficult to separate quality material from the bulk. Almost every month new retro bands from different corners of the world seem to hit the music market. As a fan it can become difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones and thus sometimes certain albums don't fulfill their expectation. However, occasionally one finds a small and relatively unknown band that somehow manages to present a new take on an already well-used genre. Coming from USA's country music capital Nashville, the band The Tip recently released just that type of record.

Sleaze rock in the style of L.A. Guns and typical American Blues melt together here, creating a snotty type of 70s reminiscent street rock that just spreads good mood. In just 35 minutes the boys don't divert an inch from their path as they go to work with plenty of pressure in the cooker and a mighty pinch of raw attitude. At moments the music feels like AC/DC is peeking around the corner and Rose Tattoo is popping in for a visit, which won't earn the band a flower bouquet for individuality but rather lots of beer from their crowd. The music is predestinated for a good time and invites you to pour yourself a whiskey and rock out. It's music that suits a club as well as parties under the night sky with friends and beer sipping neighbors. The production perfectly suits the first class songwriting, which brought out songs that will mold the fun into your cheeks.

Via MetalGlory

Dark Exit (Germany)

NEW CD from THE TIP - Sailor's Grave

On September 29th, 2017 Nashville's blues-rock band The Tip released its sophomore album Sailor's Grave on label SAOL. The album isn't exactly new, as it was released in the U.S. last year but now the band also wants to conquer the German market.

When looking at the cover I expected a mix of rock and Santiano. But I missed the target by a lot.  It's something completely different. No seaman shanties that sing about the rough sea and the hard lives of sailor's and pirates.

The opener "Struttin'" starts things off with a blues heavy harmonica and guitar. The song could almost be featured on the soundtrack of the series 'Lucifer' - dirty, evil and mean. Benny raps a bit in the song as well which creates a fascinating mix. The song will leave you whipping your head to the beat.

"Rock n Roll Heaven" begins with a cacophony of tones, which gradually build into a melody that almost seems to drop out of your speakers. Which leads us to the good old school Rock, which I noticed bands from Nashville already had in the 90s. It's a solid and fun number.

"Ain't Fakin' It" is the band's manifesto. The refrain shows that the band doesn't only love, but also live this kind of music. Nothing here is put on for the listener, no casting or posing, just Rock. What you see is what you get, and nothing else.

With "Corner Bag Blues" I immediately felt like I'm back watching the TV series 'Roseanne'.  The four rock this mid-tempo rock n roll number with bluesy guitar and harmonica action, until the soles squeak under your feet. I imagine pictures of diners with old jukeboxes as I'm dunking a donut in my coffee and listen to the song.


I had to grin when I heard "Whiskey and Coke". A tribute to Lemmy perhaps? Either way it's a fast song and an interesting number by the boys. Not as much "on" speed as Motörhead but the style of the Tip and Lemmy's band's tempo make for a song that's worth listening to.

The album's title track "Sailor's Grave" is the closing song and comes as a surprise on this CD after all. A bit of sailors' romanticism mixed with the soundtrack to "Once Upon A TIme In The West", with a melody possibly reminiscent of Metallica. You won't shake the Blues out of these guys, but for those blues blooded sailors who like to celebrate life in style. - Luna

Listening tips: "Ain't Fakin' It" & "Sailor's Grave"

Via Dark Exit

Polyprisma (Germany)

Nashville, Tennessee is usually associated with country music. Fact is however that a lot of different music comes out of the South.  No question it's a lot of country, but other stuff as well. Amongst others is the band The Tip with its album Sailor's Grave. Founded in 2014, Benny Carl (voc, gtr), Robert Bote (bass), Ricky Dover Jr. (gtr) and Dixie Carl (drums) orientate themselves towards American Rock n Roll.

Think in the direction of stadium rock. Energetic rock paired with a solid portion of sleaze and blues is what The Tip lives. In the U.S. the band has touched a nerve which led to opening spots for Buckcherry, The Darkness, The Last Vegas and Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime. The Tip has clearly announced its claim to the musical heritage of the likes of Aerosmith and T.Rex.


One has to have big balls in order to breathe down the neck of a band like Aerosmith with their sound, atmosphere and feeling. But the Tip does it so well and with Sailor's Grave so authentically, that while listening to the record I had to ask myself whether this isn't a side project of Tyler, Hamilton, Whitford and Kramer. But no, the Tip is not Aerosmith which becomes apparent in many instances. The Tip is its very own number, but they live and breathe the type of rock that made the boys from Boston big.

The flow of the band is great. Whether it's uptempo (Whiskey & Coke), 8th rock (Get The Fuck Out) or decently reserved (Struttin'), it simply works and the mood is immediately set. The combination of harmonica/blues harp and organ is to my surprise perfect for the sound and adds to the music's blues feel. However, the music doesn't seem to be fitting for a small stage or back barn, but instead it almost screams for a big stage and a raging crowd.

A charming shot of Glam adds a fun factor to The Tip - Sailor's Grave and makes it stick out amongst many other albums that try and pretend to act as if. The Tip doesn't act as if, The Tip simply is. The attitude is great, the energy and the somehow snotty-fucked up - over the top thing that the band fires off isn't only believable but present and straight to the point. All that makes the band seem serious and acting out of conviction rather than satire. The music puts you in a great mood and those who like Aerosmith, T.Rex and Spread Eagle will love The Tip.

Via Polyprisma

Mile High Feedback (US)

When you mix electric blues with a splash of glam and a hard punch in the face of classic rock & roll, one may believe you’ve been transported to 1970’s The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Guns N’ Roses. When, in fact, if you fast-forward to the year 2017, you will be met with The Tip.

By Veronica Lee

The Tip, a heavy hitting band out of Nashville, delivered a high energy quintessential rock show in Denver’s  Herman’s Hideaway Friday night. Benny Carl, Dixie Carl, Myles Baker and Robby Bote hit the stage with immense energy and a tight and polished reminder of the good old days of ripe drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Touring their latest release, Sailors Grave, these self-proclaimed sleazy, greasy, bluesy rock n rollers were spot on and put it all out there on stage.

They opened the show with the hit Welcome to the Night, and swept up the crowd with their infectious energy and classic 70’s aesthetic. With big hair, big guitar solos, heavy harmonica and massive dancability, songs like Rock ‘N Roll Heaven and Struttin’ are indicators that The Tip is just experiencing the beginning of this genre resurgence. By the end of the night, Benny Carl, lead singer and guitarist, was on the shoulders of a fan while shredding his way to the bar for a shot of Jack.

The Tip will be rocking faces off of back home in Nashville next week and prepping for the next half of 2017 so be sure to check out their schedules, they are absolutely a must see this year.

Amplified Edge (US)

Right now a rock n roll resurgence is happening.  Bands here in America are kicking ass and taking names. Biters, The Cry, Wyldlife, Dr. Boogie, Gene the Werewolf, Electric Black Horse and others are forging a rock n roll scene full of incredible talent.  Another of those bands is Nashville’s The Tip.  The Tip recently played gigs in Vienna and Norton, West Virginia.  Both shows were stellar and showcased just how great The Tip are and how stacked the music scene is as they were supported by two other bands hot on the trail.

The first show at RadioActive in Vienna saw Columbus, Ohio’s Roxy Mae kick the night off with a great set featuring Dressed In Black, I Dare Ya, Life In the City and Drinkin Smokin Livin Luvin, as well as many other crowd favorites.  Guitarist/singer Matt Starr Bores, bassist/singer Spider Lane and drummer/singer Heidi Helser keep showcasing an amazing ability to craft some of the coolest hooks out today.

The Tip‘s headlining set kicked off with Welcome to the Night and did not let down for a moment as front man Benny Carl will not be denied.  The set also featured Rock N Roll Heaven from their upcoming release. Carl is backed by a trio a badass musicians, guitarist Ricky Dover Jr, bassist Robby Bote and drummer Dixie Carl. As a unit they stand shoulder to shoulder with any band out there today.  The band features four distinct personalities, giving fans what they want.  You want to see the man’s man, check.  The ultra cool guy laying down the bass lines, check.  The guitarist mesmerizing the attendees, check. The crazy as hell drummer, check.  If you do, you’ll love The Tip.

Night two took place at private rock club The Rim in Norton.  This show was also top notch as Charlotte, North Carolina’s Pröwess kicked off their current tour by opening the night.  The band ran through No Survivors, Shaker, Show Me, Overboard and other crowd favorites. They also previewed their single Killing a Giant, which released on iTunes on June 21st.  Vocalist Dalton Bowes, guitarists Scott Roby and Kip Anthony Wilson, bassist Kenneth Keelerand drummer Adam Ellis have progressed enormously in just over three months and will be on the road spreading their rock in a town near you soon.  Pröwess‘ ep is near complete and features a killer set of tunes.

Seeing The Tip two nights proved that you will not see a let down or running through the motions gig from them.  Tearing through over an hour of material, the set was a showcase of pure talent, entertainment and energy!  From Welcome to the Night to closer Last Joint and everything in between, the crowd was begging for more.  As a fan, seeing a band hit uncharted area and hearing the audience singing along word for word is so exhilarating!  I cannot stress enough how great The Tip are live and if given any opportunity, you must get out to see them!  You’re guaranteed to be entertained and the wait for new material should be a short one as their new album, Sailor’s Grave, in nearly complete.

- Brads
Amplified Edge

My Valley (Italy)

There are times when the logic of the record market is difficult to understand, as in the case of The Tip quartet from Nashville, who came with this "Sailor's Grave" to the second self-produced album. Yes, yes, because if I can understand that the band has made the first album without the support of a record company, I do not really mean that for their second album, no one has been careful to make a contract.

Formed in 2014 by Benny Carl (voice, guitar and harmonica), Ricky Dover Jr. (solo guitar), Dixie Carl (drums) and Drew Ulrich (bass), then replaced by current bassist Robby Bote, The Tip are in my I notice one of the best rock'n'roll bands born of the ever-flourishing American scene of the last 10 years. Produced and mixed by Chris Lohr, "Sailor's Grave" contains 9 tracks of explosive sleaze rock that confirm the goodness of the Nashville band in the loud debut of 2015 (disk to be recovered at all costs if you are a lover of that kind). It starts with "Struttin" where Benny Carl's harmonica duets with Ricky Dover's guitar in a piece that recalls the Aerosmith of "Toys in the Attic" which in turn also sparkle in the next "Rock n Roll Heaven", which still sees a great deal of harmonica and deflagra in a tiratissimo finale that will make live bumps. "Is not Fakin 'It" enjoys a very good flavor at the New York Dolls and sees a great job of the rhythm section, perfect in the twist of the drunken guitar players. "Can You Smell The Money" is a fantastic sleaze rock fresco that would not disfigure in the discography of some big band of the Sunset Boulevard of the Golden Times (Faster Pussycat?), As well as "Get The Fuck Out", another shot between Junkyard and Buckcherry that will certainly become one of the top moments of their live. With "Corner Bag Blues" instead it is the love for the blues to come out with bullying, electric blues driven by Benny Carl's harmonica and Ricky Dover's slide, to which Tim Boucher's guest plan is added, for a final result from open-back applause. Let's go to the end with "Whiskey and Coke", another piece that has a lot to the Aerosmith of the first period, while the title track is completely different from what just described, an almost psychedelic mood featuring the violin of Lillie Mae Risks, a piece that would make a figurine as a soundtrack of the "Black Sails" TV series, invoking perfectly the artwork of the disc. By summing up: The Tip is by no means one of the best rock'n'roll bands in the square, supporting them is the minimum that every rocker worthy of this name can do, hoping sooner or later someone understands the band's real value and decides to offer a serious contract to the four Nashville rockers. PS. Although Sailor's Grave is a self-produced production, it has also been printed in vinyl ... for all fans an additional invitation to buy directly from the band's official website.

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