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Mile High Feedback (US)

When you mix electric blues with a splash of glam and a hard punch in the face of classic rock & roll, one may believe you’ve been transported to 1970’s The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Guns N’ Roses. When, in fact, if you fast-forward to the year 2017, you will be met with The Tip.

By Veronica Lee

The Tip, a heavy hitting band out of Nashville, delivered a high energy quintessential rock show in Denver’s  Herman’s Hideaway Friday night. Benny Carl, Dixie Carl, Myles Baker and Robby Bote hit the stage with immense energy and a tight and polished reminder of the good old days of ripe drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Touring their latest release, Sailors Grave, these self-proclaimed sleazy, greasy, bluesy rock n rollers were spot on and put it all out there on stage.

They opened the show with the hit Welcome to the Night, and swept up the crowd with their infectious energy and classic 70’s aesthetic. With big hair, big guitar solos, heavy harmonica and massive dancability, songs like Rock ‘N Roll Heaven and Struttin’ are indicators that The Tip is just experiencing the beginning of this genre resurgence. By the end of the night, Benny Carl, lead singer and guitarist, was on the shoulders of a fan while shredding his way to the bar for a shot of Jack.

The Tip will be rocking faces off of back home in Nashville next week and prepping for the next half of 2017 so be sure to check out their schedules, they are absolutely a must see this year.

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