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My Valley (Italy)

There are times when the logic of the record market is difficult to understand, as in the case of The Tip quartet from Nashville, who came with this "Sailor's Grave" to the second self-produced album. Yes, yes, because if I can understand that the band has made the first album without the support of a record company, I do not really mean that for their second album, no one has been careful to make a contract.

Formed in 2014 by Benny Carl (voice, guitar and harmonica), Ricky Dover Jr. (solo guitar), Dixie Carl (drums) and Drew Ulrich (bass), then replaced by current bassist Robby Bote, The Tip are in my I notice one of the best rock'n'roll bands born of the ever-flourishing American scene of the last 10 years. Produced and mixed by Chris Lohr, "Sailor's Grave" contains 9 tracks of explosive sleaze rock that confirm the goodness of the Nashville band in the loud debut of 2015 (disk to be recovered at all costs if you are a lover of that kind). It starts with "Struttin" where Benny Carl's harmonica duets with Ricky Dover's guitar in a piece that recalls the Aerosmith of "Toys in the Attic" which in turn also sparkle in the next "Rock n Roll Heaven", which still sees a great deal of harmonica and deflagra in a tiratissimo finale that will make live bumps. "Is not Fakin 'It" enjoys a very good flavor at the New York Dolls and sees a great job of the rhythm section, perfect in the twist of the drunken guitar players. "Can You Smell The Money" is a fantastic sleaze rock fresco that would not disfigure in the discography of some big band of the Sunset Boulevard of the Golden Times (Faster Pussycat?), As well as "Get The Fuck Out", another shot between Junkyard and Buckcherry that will certainly become one of the top moments of their live. With "Corner Bag Blues" instead it is the love for the blues to come out with bullying, electric blues driven by Benny Carl's harmonica and Ricky Dover's slide, to which Tim Boucher's guest plan is added, for a final result from open-back applause. Let's go to the end with "Whiskey and Coke", another piece that has a lot to the Aerosmith of the first period, while the title track is completely different from what just described, an almost psychedelic mood featuring the violin of Lillie Mae Risks, a piece that would make a figurine as a soundtrack of the "Black Sails" TV series, invoking perfectly the artwork of the disc. By summing up: The Tip is by no means one of the best rock'n'roll bands in the square, supporting them is the minimum that every rocker worthy of this name can do, hoping sooner or later someone understands the band's real value and decides to offer a serious contract to the four Nashville rockers. PS. Although Sailor's Grave is a self-produced production, it has also been printed in vinyl ... for all fans an additional invitation to buy directly from the band's official website.

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