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NEW CD from THE TIP - Sailor's Grave

On September 29th, 2017 Nashville's blues-rock band The Tip released its sophomore album Sailor's Grave on label SAOL. The album isn't exactly new, as it was released in the U.S. last year but now the band also wants to conquer the German market.

When looking at the cover I expected a mix of rock and Santiano. But I missed the target by a lot.  It's something completely different. No seaman shanties that sing about the rough sea and the hard lives of sailor's and pirates.

The opener "Struttin'" starts things off with a blues heavy harmonica and guitar. The song could almost be featured on the soundtrack of the series 'Lucifer' - dirty, evil and mean. Benny raps a bit in the song as well which creates a fascinating mix. The song will leave you whipping your head to the beat.

"Rock n Roll Heaven" begins with a cacophony of tones, which gradually build into a melody that almost seems to drop out of your speakers. Which leads us to the good old school Rock, which I noticed bands from Nashville already had in the 90s. It's a solid and fun number.

"Ain't Fakin' It" is the band's manifesto. The refrain shows that the band doesn't only love, but also live this kind of music. Nothing here is put on for the listener, no casting or posing, just Rock. What you see is what you get, and nothing else.

With "Corner Bag Blues" I immediately felt like I'm back watching the TV series 'Roseanne'.  The four rock this mid-tempo rock n roll number with bluesy guitar and harmonica action, until the soles squeak under your feet. I imagine pictures of diners with old jukeboxes as I'm dunking a donut in my coffee and listen to the song.


I had to grin when I heard "Whiskey and Coke". A tribute to Lemmy perhaps? Either way it's a fast song and an interesting number by the boys. Not as much "on" speed as Motörhead but the style of the Tip and Lemmy's band's tempo make for a song that's worth listening to.

The album's title track "Sailor's Grave" is the closing song and comes as a surprise on this CD after all. A bit of sailors' romanticism mixed with the soundtrack to "Once Upon A TIme In The West", with a melody possibly reminiscent of Metallica. You won't shake the Blues out of these guys, but for those blues blooded sailors who like to celebrate life in style. - Luna

Listening tips: "Ain't Fakin' It" & "Sailor's Grave"

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