The Tip

Rock N' Roll from Nashville Tennessee

Legacy Magazine (Germany)


THE TIP "Sailor's Grave"       (SAOL/H'ART)

Genre: Classic/Blues Rock

Translated from German:

            Despite an ongoing euphoric touring presence, it is safe to say that the time for good byes for Steven Tyler and Co. is in the not too distant future. This is a chance that the gentlemen from The Tip could use to their advantage. All in all the band feels like a snottier version of the classic Aerosmith sound and with 'Sailor's Grave' it has some similarly extraordinary material as the The Darkness during the time of their debut. Whether it's a fast, almost punk like piece such as 'Whiskey and Coke', wonderful blues-rockers like 'Corner Bag Blues' and 'Struttin' or the finest retro-affairs such as 'Rock n Roll Heaven' and 'Bad Karma', one thing is certain: today within all things Classic Rock no one can fool this band, which is centered around strong-voiced and Tyler-sound-alike Benny Carl. The result of the energy and sing-alongs (reminiscent of Turbonegro and Gluecifer during the debut-era) and the authentically sounding 70s stamp on their music combine for a feeling of great euphoria. THE TIP is the next real big thing and is guaranteed to be spreading its word from some big stages in the very near future!  -(BB) 13/15 points 

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