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The Tip (USA) - Sailor's Grave

In times when bands dedicate and open themselves to sounds of past decades, it can be difficult to separate quality material from the bulk. Almost every month new retro bands from different corners of the world seem to hit the music market. As a fan it can become difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones and thus sometimes certain albums don't fulfill their expectation. However, occasionally one finds a small and relatively unknown band that somehow manages to present a new take on an already well-used genre. Coming from USA's country music capital Nashville, the band The Tip recently released just that type of record.

Sleaze rock in the style of L.A. Guns and typical American Blues melt together here, creating a snotty type of 70s reminiscent street rock that just spreads good mood. In just 35 minutes the boys don't divert an inch from their path as they go to work with plenty of pressure in the cooker and a mighty pinch of raw attitude. At moments the music feels like AC/DC is peeking around the corner and Rose Tattoo is popping in for a visit, which won't earn the band a flower bouquet for individuality but rather lots of beer from their crowd. The music is predestinated for a good time and invites you to pour yourself a whiskey and rock out. It's music that suits a club as well as parties under the night sky with friends and beer sipping neighbors. The production perfectly suits the first class songwriting, which brought out songs that will mold the fun into your cheeks.

Via MetalGlory

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