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Nashville, Tennessee is usually associated with country music. Fact is however that a lot of different music comes out of the South.  No question it's a lot of country, but other stuff as well. Amongst others is the band The Tip with its album Sailor's Grave. Founded in 2014, Benny Carl (voc, gtr), Robert Bote (bass), Ricky Dover Jr. (gtr) and Dixie Carl (drums) orientate themselves towards American Rock n Roll.

Think in the direction of stadium rock. Energetic rock paired with a solid portion of sleaze and blues is what The Tip lives. In the U.S. the band has touched a nerve which led to opening spots for Buckcherry, The Darkness, The Last Vegas and Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime. The Tip has clearly announced its claim to the musical heritage of the likes of Aerosmith and T.Rex.


One has to have big balls in order to breathe down the neck of a band like Aerosmith with their sound, atmosphere and feeling. But the Tip does it so well and with Sailor's Grave so authentically, that while listening to the record I had to ask myself whether this isn't a side project of Tyler, Hamilton, Whitford and Kramer. But no, the Tip is not Aerosmith which becomes apparent in many instances. The Tip is its very own number, but they live and breathe the type of rock that made the boys from Boston big.

The flow of the band is great. Whether it's uptempo (Whiskey & Coke), 8th rock (Get The Fuck Out) or decently reserved (Struttin'), it simply works and the mood is immediately set. The combination of harmonica/blues harp and organ is to my surprise perfect for the sound and adds to the music's blues feel. However, the music doesn't seem to be fitting for a small stage or back barn, but instead it almost screams for a big stage and a raging crowd.

A charming shot of Glam adds a fun factor to The Tip - Sailor's Grave and makes it stick out amongst many other albums that try and pretend to act as if. The Tip doesn't act as if, The Tip simply is. The attitude is great, the energy and the somehow snotty-fucked up - over the top thing that the band fires off isn't only believable but present and straight to the point. All that makes the band seem serious and acting out of conviction rather than satire. The music puts you in a great mood and those who like Aerosmith, T.Rex and Spread Eagle will love The Tip.

Via Polyprisma

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