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Rock It! (Germany)

ROCK IT! - NOV 2017

7/10 stars

Translated from German:

The in 2014 founded Nashville four-piece has soaked in the early albums of Boston's Aerosmith and The Black Crowes. Their dirty, fart dry and energy loaded Rock builds on the blues and creates enough entertainment to bring every party's temperature up to boil. The second studio album "Sailor's Grave" is full of dirty blues vibes, soulful background vocals, crashing guitars and cool harp licks. The opener 'Struttin' is so close to the original that one could think Steven Tyler & Co. wrote it themselves. 'Bad Karma' , 'Get The Fuck Out' or 'Ain't Fakin' It'  have such a great groove that they will pull your feet to the dance floor. Surely all this isn't anything new, but the four-piece makes up for innovation with passion and audible fun that carries over to the listener. Party on! - Marc Shipper

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