The Tip

Rock N' Roll from Nashville Tennessee

Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"We love it here at the Underground when we stumble upon a band so good that they stop us in our tracks and make us drop everything. That band is The Tip, a bunch of ragamuffins who are about to put the classic back into rock once again. Their self-titled debut slipped out in 2015 and saw the hitting the road in support of its hard rockin' grooves, marking these boys down as ones to watch. On the first listen it's like you've been transported back to 77' and you're listening to a youthful Aerosmith in their prime - yeah, that good. On their sophomore album, 'Sailor's Grave' they've refined their sound slightly, given it a bit of polish and those Aerosmith vibes have been joined by a hint of the Stones for good measure. The likes of the immense title track and 'Bad Karma', with its 'Sympathy For The Devil' air, are some of the best dirty rock'n'roll you are going to hear this year. They are one of the finest bands to emerge from the States in years, so don't let them slip away as they need your support. I'm watching, so don't let me down!" - Rob Evans (Powerplay Magazine UK, November 2017)

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