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The Hottest Band In Nashville?

This 4-piece from Nashville comes playing the blues and rocking around the corner in wonderfully rough and dirty ways. The genre "sleaze" however only suits the gentlemen so much. "I like bands like Guns'n'Roses and a few other bands of the late-80s hair metal era. We are definitely not some spandex gimmick band” says singer and guitarist Benny Carl. Bassist Robert Bote agrees: "A lot of what was labeled Glam and Sleaze eventually became a joke."

Besides, the influences of this in 2014 founded band are not in Los Angeles as the front man explains: "We listen to Delta- and Chicago Blues as much as old Rock n Roll, 60s-Soul, Stax, Motown and many others. We're influenced by a lot of the bands that came since the 60s but we don't try to emulate one particular era or style. We are simply Rock n Roll now!" Hard to miss are influences like the Rolling Stones in songs like 'Bad Karma'. 'Whiskey & Coke' is a "tribute to Lemmy, that Dixie, Benny and I came up with during a jam", says the bassist.

With Benny and Dixie Carl there are two brothers in the band which according to R. Bote isn't a problem but "really a blessing as they're both on the same wavelength".  The singer tells us that this isn't the only way the Carls are in tune. They also share identical tattoos of "two rats shagging with the headline South in Your Mouth 2015." No tattoo of The Tip logo edged into Benny's skin so far: "Every time I got one of my past bands tattooed on me, it broke up soon after."

When it comes to the visual aspect of the band both singer and bassist agree: " It's always been important and it's part of a great rock show. People want to listen to great music but also be entertained visually. The music comes first but looks matter as long as you don't take it all too seriously. When you look all the way back to Rock'n'Roll origins, guys like Elvis and Chuck Berry looked already dapper then."

Originally the band was supposed to be called The Drip "but the name was already taken. The Tip is tongue in cheek" , says the singer with the dirty sounding pipes. "The Tip also used to be slang in the Mississippi Delta for the hottest girl in the room. It fits our blues roots."

In the States the band has opened for The Darkness and Buckcherry amongst others. Now the band wants to conquer Europe. Bote says: "Bands like Motörhead, Rival Sons or Airbourne have been building and growing their following through constant touring. We want to do the same!"

With SAILOR'S GRAVE this could very well happen. The nine songs don't beat around the bush. Short but sweet says Benny Carl, "many of the old records we like have nine to eleven songs on them. Besides, as our name suggests we want you to want more." Bassist Bote adds: "The length of the record also enabled us to press Vinyl at the best possible quality." The Tip surely makes a lot of great points.

- Martin Buchenberger


Armed with every Blues Rock card in the their sleeves....

If Aerosmith and a few stray dogs were forced into the act of love making, the resulting bastards would probably write an opener like 'Struttin'. The blues harp and the Steven Tyler like tone of the vocals, and also all the little screams and raps give the song a Toxic Twin stamp that can't be missed.  Quite cheeky and naughty how the hot heads from Nashville's The Tip present themselves here on the follow up to their debut album. These boys borrow without guilt but not without talent: 'Ain't Fakin' It' sounds at the start like an old Sweet banger.... or was it Gary Glitter? In 'Whiskey & Coke' you can hear the influence of Mr. (Lemmy) Kilmister. The closing title track on the other hand is a wonderful melancholic sailor shanty. Dirty blues-rock with pinches of sleaze creates havoc and is the foundation for catchiness that permanently gets into ones head and continually releases bursts of ecstasy. SAILOR'S GRAVE surely sounds fat, is danceable and suited to party to.  The band's apparent influences fuse together into a nicely hot and complete package. What's the expression? Oh yeah - Up-and-Coming. And that's exactly what The Tip sounds like.

- Jacqueline Flossman

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